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Drive Clutch for RXV

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This Drive Clutch is a factory replacement part manufactured for use on E-Z-GO Gas RXV Vehicles in addition to 2008-current E-Z-GO Vehicles with a Kawasaki Engine. The drive clutch bolts onto the Kawasaki Engine crankshaft, and with the Drive Belt (Part# 606136), turns the Driven Clutch (Part# 602001) which is mounted on the rear differential assembly; hence the correlation between the drive clutch and driven clutch.

•Used on 2008-current E-Z-GO Gas RXV Vehicles, but can also be used on E-Z-GO 2008-current Gas TXT, 4/6-Passenger Shuttle, ST 400, Woods Boundary MAV 400, ST Sport, ST Sport 2+2, ST Express, Clays Car, MPT Multi-Purpose Truck 800/1200, Refresher, Refresher 1200, Cushman 2/4/6-Passenger Bellhop, Cushman 280 and Cushman Commander 2200 Vehicles •Responsible for transmitting the engine's drive to the vehicle's gearbox •Measures approximately: 6.9" x 7.5"