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Caliper Assembly (Driver's Side)

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The Caliper Assembly is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement part that is a key component in the braking system that should be installed on the Driver's Side of the vehicle. This caliper should only be used on vehicles with disc brakes.

•Used on 2004-current E-Z-GO Gas & Electric 4/6-Passenger Shuttle, ST Express, MPT 800/1000/1200 (Multi-Purpose Truck), Refresher, Refresher 1200, Cushman 2/4/6-Passenger Bellhop and Cushman Commander 2200 Vehicles
•Compresses the brake pads against the vehicle's rotors to cause the vehicle to slow down or stop
•Measures: 6 x 3.25 x 3", Weight: 2.03 lbs