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About Saddleback Golf Cars

About Saddleback Golf Cars

How do I contact Saddleback Golf Cars? staff@Saddlebackgolfcars.com

At Saddleback Golf Cars we have a huge selection of new and used carts, and a full line of accessories from custom wheels to rain covers and much more. Come by and see us! Saddleback Golf Cars is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable carts to fit your personal or business needs. We are an authorized E-Z-Go Distributor. Please visit our show room, where we have hundreds of new and used carts on display. Saddleback Golf Cars rents cars, from maintenance to shuttles and more.

Rentals We rent cars from a few hours to a year! Provide us with information regarding your needs and one of our trained representatives will get back with you shortly.

Custom Golf Carts Saddleback Golf Cars can build you a golf car to your fit needs, wishes, dreams and specs.

Used Golf Carts At Saddleback Golf Cars, we have hundreds pre-owned golf carts available for purchase.

Parts & Service at Saddleback Golf Cars Our concern for customer service and satisfaction does not end at the initial sale of a golf or utility vehicle. We offer continued support and service. Saddleback Golf Cars has seven trucks on the road every day, and we respond quickly to our customers' needs.

We stock a full range of parts and supplies for every type of golf car and utility vehicle that is on the market. We offer customization of your current vehicle, as well as ongoing supplies that you may need. If you are interested in tires, batteries, tops, coolers, radios, or any other part for your cart, Saddleback Golf Cars is your place.

If you have any questions regarding service, parts, or accessories, we invite you to call us or stop by our showroom.

Serving Southern California
From Santa Barbra to San Diego and the desert to the ocean we are here for you!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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